The Park Release


As the final release at West Side Place, The Park Release represents the last opportunity for buyers to purchase in this one-of-a-kind precinct that’s anchored by the world-famous Ritz-Carlton hotel. Inspired by the lush public gardens at the base of this residential tower, residences within The Park Release will also enjoy magnificent views to Flagstaff Gardens – they city’s oldest park. Spanning over 7 hectares, its iconic lawns are home to a variety of mature trees and flowers beds, with long stretches of pathways shaded by avenues of elms.

Residences are available in 1, 2 and 3 bedroom configurations and occupy Levels 11 to 68. All residents will have access to host of amenities located on Level 9, including residential lounges, gymnasium, virtual golf, lap pool, karaoke room and rooftop cinema just to name a few. Sky Residences – located on Levels 43, 45 to 68 – will also have exclusive access to additional resident-only amenities on Level 10.

The Tower

Residences are available in 1, 2 and 3 bedroom configurations, with an additional study featured in a select few. The Park Release residences are available across two offerings: Sky Residences and Central Residences, and home to multiple levels of residents' amenities.

  • The Ritz-Carlton hotel
  • Sky Residences
  • Central Residences
  • Garden Residences
  • Residents' Amenities
  • Car Park
  • Retail / Commercial
  • Dorsett Hotel
  • Residences_map_stage3-img8The Ritz-Carlton hotel
  • Residences_map_stage3-img7Sky Residences
  • Residences_map_stage3-img6Central Residences
  • Residences_map_stage3-img4aGarden Residences
  • Residences_map_stage3-img5Residents' Amenities
  • Residences_map_stage3-img2Car Park
  • Residences_map_stage3-img3Retail / Commercial
  • Residences_map_stage3-img4bDorsett Hotel


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