Melbourne Art Space Opens at West Side Place: A Fusion of Culture and Creativity

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Melbourne, known for its vibrant arts and cultural scene, has recently welcomed a new gem to its central business district – Melbourne Art Space, situated within the West Side Place precinct. 

In a recent interview with gallery owner, Zoe Wang, we delved into the unique aspects of this space, its commitment to showcasing an array of artists from Australia and abroad.

One standout feature of Melbourne Art Space is its emphasis on accessibility. Zoe proudly shared that the gallery is spacious and complete with a ramp, making it accessible to all visitors. 

This commitment to accessibility aligns with the gallery’s focus on contemporary Australian art and international art, showcasing both local talents and works from international artists, including those from Germany, France and England.

During the interview, Zoe expressed the importance of social art, noting that the gallery is not just a space for viewing but also a place for dialogue and engagement. With artworks ranging from $2,000 to $30,000, the gallery caters to various art enthusiasts, making it an accessible space for both seasoned collectors and those looking to begin their art journey.

The decision to establish Melbourne Art Space at West Side Place was deliberate. Zoe highlighted the area’s freshness in terms of cultural spaces, as there are relatively few galleries in the city. 

The strategic location near both Dorsett and The Ritz-Carlton Melbourne hotels is aimed at making art more accessible to travellers, eliminating the need to venture far for a cultural experience. This move is particularly relevant to the Asian community, as Zoe observed a hesitancy among individuals with an Asian background to engage with contemporary art due to language barriers and cultural differences.

Zoe’s vision for Melbourne Art Space goes beyond being a traditional gallery. She envisions it as a welcoming hub where people can not only appreciate art but also actively participate in artistic endeavours. 

The gallery plans to host workshops and events, collaborating with local businesses to create a holistic cultural experience. One such collaboration includes floral workshops in partnership with a florist also within the precinct, Flowers Vasette. These workshops will provide residents and visitors alike an opportunity to create their floral arrangements, merging art and nature.

The gallery’s commitment to community engagement extends to its potential collaborations with local residents. Zoe expressed her interest in working with the residents of West Side Place, integrating art into their daily lives. 

These collaborations could involve interior design workshops, providing residents with tools to stylise their apartments using art as a focal point.

Melbourne Art Space also aims to bridge the gap between art and real estate. Zoe envisions collaborating with real estate professionals to showcase how art can enhance the appeal of residential spaces, making them not just living spaces but reflections of personal expression and creativity.

As Melbourne Art Space continues to evolve, it is clear that it is more than just a gallery; it is a dynamic cultural hub that seeks to break down barriers and make art an integral part of everyday life. 

Whether you are a seasoned art enthusiast or a curious passerby, Melbourne Art Space at West Side Place invites you to explore the beauty and diversity of the art world in the heart of the city.


Melbourne Art Space is located at 625 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne and is open Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm.

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