West Side Place: Once Imagined. Now Completed.

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When first imagined a decade ago, West Side Place promised to deliver a new Melbourne address unlike any other. That vision and promise has now been realised.

Having transformed the former Age newspaper site, the precinct occupies an entire city block, and represents one of Melbourne’s biggest inner-city mixed-use developments.

Boasting four residential towers, the prestigious Ritz-Carlton and Dorsett Hotels, a vibrant central laneway, on-site retail arcades, and world-class amenities, West Side Place stands as a testament to architectural brilliance from Cottee Parker and visionary urban planning.

Let us take a journey through this awe-inspiring development

A Visionary Masterpiece

A project of this scale and complexity requires a visionary approach, and West Side Place has exceeded all expectations. Initiated a decade ago, the development aimed to redefine Melbourne’s urban living experience by creating a vibrant and integrated precinct that meets the needs of modern residents. The masterplan focused on harmoniously combining residential, commercial, and hospitality elements, elevating the city’s skyline while enhancing its livability.

Skyline-Defining Residential Towers

West Side Place’s four residential towers stand tall as architectural marvels, redefining the city’s skyline.

These soaring structures offer a range of luxurious living spaces, catering to diverse lifestyles and preferences. From stylish apartments with breath-taking views to world-class amenities, the four towers provide a new standard of urban living in Melbourne.

The Epitome of Luxury: Ritz-Carlton and Dorsett Hotels

The presence of two prestigious hotels, the Ritz-Carlton Melbourne and Dorsett, elevates West Side Place into a world-class destination for travellers and locals alike.

Ritz-Carlton indoor pool

The Ritz-Carlton’s renowned reputation for exceptional service and opulent accommodations ensures an unparalleled luxury experience for guests from around the globe. Meanwhile, the Dorsett Hotel’s contemporary elegance and stylish offerings cater to modern travellers seeking a chic and comfortable stay.

With these two icons gracing the precinct, West Side Place becomes not only a residential landmark but also a haven for discerning travellers.

A Vibrant Central Laneway

Central to West Side Place’s appeal is the newly created laneway, designed to be a vibrant hub of activity and social interaction.

The laneway is lined with a diverse range of cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and specialty stores, making it the perfect place to indulge in Melbourne’s famed cafĂ© culture or explore unique retail experiences. This pedestrian-friendly space fosters a strong sense of community and connectivity, enhancing the overall living experience for both residents and visitors.

On-Site Retail Arcades

West Side Place’s on-site retail arcades offer convenience and diversity at residents’ doorstep. With an array of shops and services (with plenty more to come), from daily necessities to boutique retailers, the precinct ensures that every resident’s needs are met within easy reach. This thoughtful integration of retail elements not only enhances the convenience factor but also adds vibrancy and character to the overall development.

World-Class Amenities

At West Side Place, world-class amenities await residents, elevating their lifestyle to unprecedented levels. From state-of-the-art fitness and wellness facilities and private dining rooms to tranquil rooftop gardens and swimming pools, every aspect of the development is designed to promote wellness, relaxation, and social engagement. With a strong emphasis on community, residents are provided with an enriching living environment that fosters connections and shared experiences.

West Side Place’s completion marks a momentous milestone in Melbourne’s urban evolution. This visionary precinct, a testament to a decade of dedication, creativity, and expertise, has successfully redefined the city’s skyline and set new standards for luxurious living.

As Victoria’s largest residential development to date, West Side Place stands tall as a testament to Melbourne’s ongoing commitment to innovation, urban renewal, and enriching the lives of its residents and visitors alike. With its integrated blend of residential, commercial, and hospitality elements, West Side Place is poised to be an enduring symbol of Melbourne’s dynamic and progressive identity.

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